It is a municipality of Mayabeque province in which the Mayabeque River basin is based. The word Güines comes from the prefix or apocope of the name of the river: Güinicaxina, as Diego Velázquez himself identified it.

This municipality limits to the North with San Jose de las Lajas and Madruga; to the South, with the coast of the Gulf of Batabanó; to the East with San Nicolás de Bari and to the West with Melena del Sur. It has a territorial extension of 445 Km2 and a population of 71,395 inhabitants, 35,370 of them, men and 36,025 women.

Municipal head:


The main urban centers:

     Villa de Güines
     Catalina de Güines

     Osvaldo Sánchez
     El Cangre
     Río Seco
     Juan Borrell

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