Housing Construction Program Advances in Melena del Sur

Primera Secretaria del Partido en Mayabeque evalúa enfrentamiento a la Covid-19 en Quivicán.
First Secretary of the Party in Mayabeque assesses the confrontation with Covid-19 in Quivicán. Photo: Archive.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The municipality of Melena del Sur began 2021 with good results in the implementation of the housing construction program, a priority issue within the country’s economic development strategy.

This is possible to a large extent due to the application of local alternatives, such as conciliation with the construction materials store and the support of comprehensive techniques located in the Popular Councils, the Municipal Director of Housing in the territory, Mayumi Aldana Sibila, said.

From a termination plan, 47 homes had a real of 101. This was greatly influenced by terminations by the population’s own effort.

The discreet advance of the housing construction program contributes to the improvement of the housing fund of the town, added Aldana Sibila.

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Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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