Science, Technology and Innovation at the Service of the Country

A la innovación hay que darle el lugar que merece, dijo Ministra del CITMA.
Innovation must be given the place it deserves, said CITMA Minister. Photo.CP

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Round Table this Wednesday had as the main panelist the Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA), Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya.

Important topics such as the role of science in the development of the country, the promotion of innovation, the financing of research activity and the most recent policies implemented to promote science in Cuba were valued.

Pérez Montoya said that the year 2020 began the decade for the fulfillment of the sustainability objectives that ensure development until 2030, not only for Cuba, but for the world.

These goals have an important foundation in science, technology and innovation; so that the ministry opted to work assuming what is proposed by Agenda 20-30 and the specific purposes of the nation.

The previous year 13 policies of high importance for the country and for the ministry were approved: improvement of science, technology and innovation, the policy of science-technology parks, high-tech companies and industrial property in the nation and that of genetically modified organisms.

An objective of sharing science and technology processes did not have a correct response, innovation was not given the place it deserved and deserves, acknowledged the Minister of CITMA.

Correspondingly, this 2021 we will work, she assured, so that this sphere of work finds a successful application, is introduced and commercialized.

The Director of Technology and Innovation of CITMA, Ruberdanis Tamayo Portales, argued that innovation networks are as necessary as they are sufficient, as has been shown in the protocols that have been working to confront Covid-19.

This reality shows that it is possible the integrated innovation from these interactions, and thus achieve results and incorporate them into the production chain, in all sectors of the economy.

It is necessary, Tamayo Portales said, a culture of innovation with integrated systems that are cooperative, dynamic and adapt to their context.

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