Confrontation with Illegalities Continues in Mayabeque

There was a variety of agricultural products. Photo: Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: New deficiencies and violations were detected by the group to confront illegalities in Mayabeque, during a tour that began at the Popular Council Tapaste in San José de las Lajas.

According to the head of the control department of the Finance Directorate in the province, Idania Rubio García, in the activity of sellers of agricultural products, article six of Decree 357 was applied for price violations.

“The merchant was selling them at prices above what was established according to the list of the territory, for which the fine was imposed and at the time of the inspection a forced sale was made to the population so that they would pay what it really cost.

During the stay in the popular council Tapaste, of the provincial capital, the commission supervised the operation of the Family Attention System (SAF) where users complained of the exaggerated increase in prices and it was found that the complaint was not appropriate and response was given.

As it passed through the municipality of Jaruco, the multidisciplinary team that faces illegalities in the youngest province came to the Agricultural Market where its members were interested in knowing the quality of the offers and the prices.

According to Rubio García, the offer was acceptable, on the information board were all the correct prices in view of the customers and there was a variety of agricultural and the mini-industry products.

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Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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