Batabanó: New Procedure Allows Faster Detection of Covid-19

New procedure brings more immediate results.
New procedure brings more immediate results. Photo. Photo Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: A new procedure that allows greater promptness in the detection of Covid-19, is applied in the municipality of Batabanó to the follow-up protocols for the disease.

With an infestation index of 21.87 per 100 thousand inhabitants and having autochthonous transmission as the main source of infection, health authorities are working hard to stop the outbreak.

The Head of Epidemiological Surveillance in the municipality, Dr. Yulia Díaz Pérez, argued: “in this last week the antigen test was implemented, which is 99 percent effective, it is a service that we are providing in the emergency rooms, that is in the services that we have extended here at the Pascuala Polyclinic in the main residential area of ​​Batabanó and at the Surgidero medical post ”.

“If this test is positive, the behavior of entering the patient in an isolation center provided by the province is adopted and if it is negative, he stays in the area, admitted to his home, that is, at home for 7 days, monitored by the basic health team ”.

The infestation rates of the pandemic during the last days in the country increased, that is why the Public Health authorities and the Government ratify their call for individual and collective responsibility to stop the regrowth and win the game against the harmful virus.

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