It is Necessary to stop the Transmission of the Virus

Measures in Madruga before the Covid-19. Photo: Cubadebate.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The rapid isolation of suspected cases of Covid-19 is a priority for the Defense Council in Madruga given the increase in confirmed patients that compromise the epidemiological situation and with the aim of stopping the transmission of the virus.

In the daily meeting of the Working Group to Confront the Pandemic, the president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, Luis Alberto Oliva Martínez, highlighted the importance of raising the perception of risk in the face of the difficult panorama that the territory shows.

“The call is for both individual and collective discipline in all settings, it is not the time to visit anyone, social distancing is necessary”, Oliva Martínez said.

The transmission of the new coronavirus from December to date has a well-defined main cause that should make us all reflect.

Closing ranks in the confrontation with Covid-19 is to do each one his part, impose responsibility and love among all to defend the most precious asset: life.

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Maria Amalia Pérez

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