Another Battle of the Cuban People

These are challenges that peasants face. Photo: Cubadebate

Madruga: Food production, another of the battles of our people today, is linked to the work of our peasants inserted in cooperatives.

These men from the countryside are taking on great challenges at this time of complex economic situation and the intensification of the imperial siege.

The country insists on the lack of inputs, which forces the use of biological media and bioproducts as a way to accelerate the fertilization processes of crops.

Sowing more, diversifying and interspersing, is the call of the highest leadership of the Revolution. Be more efficient to guarantee higher harvests of viands and vegetables.

This other battle of Cubans, in times of world crisis, is essential in the country’s food development when it is difficult to acquire resources in the international market, so helping the land, exploiting it to the maximum is a good way to guarantee the necessary food.

These are challenges to be overcome among so many others and that peasants and agricultural entities face to fulfill that other task of the moment, food production.

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Roberto Hernández

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