Covid-19: The dispersion of Cases, Achilles heel in Mayabeque

Provincial Defense Council.
Provincial Defense Council. Photo: Author

Mayabeque, Cuba: Despite a slight decrease in the diagnosis of positive cases for Covid-19 during the week, this province exhibits a high incidence rate at the country level and a significant dispersion of the spread of the new coronavirus in the 11 municipalities.

“We insist on not lowering our guard, people cannot be trusted because the number of confirmed cases is decreasing, because we are not getting out of the outbreak at all, we have hundreds of people who are suspects and contacts”, the President of the Provincial Defense Council (CDP), Yanina de la Nuez Aclich, said.

Epidemiological surveillance and the collaboration of the inhabitants of each municipality must continue with the utmost rigor to stop the outbreak of the disease.

The provincial director of Public Health, Doctor Luis Armando Wong Corrales, reported on the situation of San José de las Lajas, Güines, Quivicán and Melena del Sur, exhibiting the most unfavorable indicators.

“The incorporation of small municipalities such as Bejucal and Quivicán is worrying, in the last 15 days they have increased the dispersion of positive cases, both in urban and rural areas”, the President of the CDP warned.

An essential tool to reduce the indicators of the disease is the active research, with transparent information from the residents and with the assistance of the different institutions to alert before any symptoms.

“The province has a different situation from the rest of the country, as asymptomatic cases prevail to a greater extent than symptomatic ones and that makes the epidemiology of the territory much more complex”, de la Nuez Aclich said.

The members of the CDP called to redoubled the sanitary hygiene measures in the activities of the state sector, to avoid institutional events, as well as in the non-state sector that maintain its operation, mainly those that provide cafeteria services and take away food.

Other issues were compliance with the actions indicated in the areas declared restricted in movement and the responsibility to comply with the protocols.

The highest authorities of Mayabeque also confirmed the development of the Ordering Task and the confrontation with line makers and resellers, as well as the application of decrees 30 and 31 of 2021 and insisted on the need to reinforce the confrontation with illegalities in the communities, where the population denounces the sale of products at speculative and abusive prices.

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