Fruit production increased in Madruga

Fruit production in Madruga. Photo: Radio Rebelde.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The fruit crops in Madruga to date exceed the production figures so far this year, compared to 2020.

The most recent information on the subject refers that four indicators stand out in the productive increases; mangoes, guava and frutabomba are those that accumulate more than 130 tons to date.

In addition to the commercialization in the community, the production of fruit trees in Madruga guarantees the raw material of the mini-industries of the municipality and the province, as well as the sale to other processing entities in the country.

According to the established plans, the territory will maintain higher harvests, during the second half of the year, in which avocado is expected, an indicator that in the previous stage exceeded the figure of 100 tons harvested.

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Roberto Hernández

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