Generous gesture from Mayabeque university students

Generous gesture from Mayabeque university students.
Generous gesture from Mayabeque university students. Photo: Yudith Arredondo.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Students and professors of the Agrarian University of Havana Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez, residents of the eleven municipalities of Mayabeque, carried out a noble and voluntary action by donating items for the inhabitants of Matanzas, given the epidemiological complexity with Covid 19.

The collection of objects to help volunteers in Field Hospitals, Isolation Centers and vulnerable population in the Athens of Cuba is carried out at the headquarters of the Young Communists League in San José de las Lajas and at the Municipal University Centers of the province, with the exception of Jaruco and Batabanó for being in quarantine.

Throughout this month of July, the development of the altruistic task will continue between nine in the morning and twelve noon.

The leaders of the University Student Federation of the house of higher studies, in coordination with the authorities of Mayabeque, summon institutions, companies and the people in general to collaborate with the collection of sanitary masks or nasobucos, protective masks, cleaning supplies or toilet, in order to reduce the effects of the pandemic in that territory.

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Yudith Arredondo

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