Terrorist attack against Cuban embassy in France and siege of the Island’s diplomatic headquarters in Panama

Terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in France and siege of the island's diplomatic headquarters in Panama.
Terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in France and siege of the island's diplomatic headquarters in Panama. Photo: Cubasí.

Cuba: At around 11:45 pm after the meridian of this Monday, July 26, there was a terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in France. Three Molotov cocktails were thrown towards the headquarters, two reached the outer perimeter of the embassy and one did not enter.

The Cubasí report states that as a consequence, there was a fire that was put out by the officials of the diplomatic mission. Police and firefighters rushed to the scene, the Paris-based Cuban embassy reported.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced the terrorist act and held the United States Government responsible for the events.

The Foreign Minister classified the attack against the diplomatic headquarters as a terrorist action and said in his Twitter account that Washington bears responsibility for these events, due to its continuous campaigns against the Caribbean nation, which encourage such conduct.

A group of people also besieged the Cuban Embassy in Panama shouting offenses against the Cuban Revolution and they were neutralized by Panamanians in solidarity with the Island’s cause.

After calling through social networks with announcements that deputies would attend, fifty Cubans arrived the day before (without legislators) to the Belisario Porras park and were segregated by the Police at the eastern end of the square, about 100 meters from the diplomatic headquarters.

Escorted by a hundred Panamanians belonging to solidarity organizations with the Antillean nation and some in uniform, the site that houses the Island’s representation was left intact from the aggressive pretensions, whose plan disclosed by the executors themselves was to throw objects against the building.

On the side opposed to Cuba, the repetition of the same slogans, some obscene, that they use in each demonstration of this type was perceived, whereas on the side of the Panamanian solidarity there were important pronouncements that neutralized the protesters.

After more than three hours of verbal confrontation from a distance, a young Panamanian woman took the microphone and accused Cuban opponents of politically destabilizing Panama, with the tolerance of the authorities and announced legal actions for such events, for which they held was responsible to be the leader of the group.

The speaker added that they knew of the irregular migratory status of some of those present, while the rest violated their condition of permanence in the national territory, during which they cannot participate in political activities, even less to besiege an embassy and blamed the government for this.

The first words caused a momentary silence from their opponents who responded with the same slogans, while the group began to dissolve and in a few minutes there was only the audio about a vehicle and some people around it.

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