Cuba celebrates National Rebellion Day

Cuba celebrates the National Rebellion Day.
Cuba celebrates the National Rebellion Day.

Cuba: National Rebellion Day was celebrated in Las Tunas with mobilizations in agricultural work and sanitation in the communities, adorned with Cuban flags and on July 26, Radio Reloj reports.

The highest authorities of the province presided over acts of inauguration of works, such as the building of 10 comfortable houses given to families of combatants of the Ministry of the Interior.

Also included in the capital city are the pictorial Mural that recreates historical facts of the territory, and the renovated Affective Animals Clinic, whose services are expanded according to the decree-law on animal welfare.

In the municipality of Majibacoa, the Omaja elderly home was inaugurated, with capacity for 30 elderly people, and there were tours of the livestock module in the Sugarcane UBPC Pérez, and rustic farming houses for vegetables.

Residents of Corralillo evoked Moncada’s events.   

Villa Clara: The people of Corralillo paid tribute to those who fell in the Moncada deed during the act of revolutionary reaffirmation that took place on July 26 in Villa Clara.

In that winning municipality of the provincial headquarters of the activities for the National Rebellion Day, the inhabitants of the locality made known their unwavering stance in the face of attempts to hand over the Homeland to the empire.

During the day of evocation in Villa Clara to the events of the Moncada, authorities of that territory visited agricultural entities dedicated to the production of food.

On the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, a series of works were inaugurated in that province, as part of the effort of the villagers to make the Cuban social project a reality.

July 26 in Ciego de Avila with the strength of a united people

Ciego de Ávila: With a volunteer work, this Monday, Ciego de Ávila celebrated the National Rebellion Day in Cuba in agricultural areas of the El Mambí agricultural unit.

Young people and workers from several sectors participated in the cleaning of the taro crop, in a productive day extended for several days to the rest of the municipalities of the province, as part of the activities for the anniversary.

On the 68th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, Ciego de Ávila adorned workplaces and homes with national flags, while there is a vigilant people in defense of our conquests.

This July 26, a day of jubilation and revolutionary reaffirmation, the people of Avila gave their hearts to their homeland in a fight for life that adds many heroes in the effort to control the new coronavirus.

Fidel always present

Camagüey: It has passed precisely 32 years since Camagüey hosted the headquarters of the national event dedicated to July 26, the National Rebellion Day, and that moment was forever marked in the history of this province and the country.

The current Plaza de la Revolución Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, still with details to be finalized, was filled with thousands of people from Camagüey to listen to the speech that the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz would deliver, after inaugurating several social works in the territory.

It was in this context that Fidel, with his vision of the future, expressed that if one day the Soviet Union disintegrated, even under those circumstances, Cuba and the Revolution would continue to fight and resist.

A short time later, this prediction came true and after more than three decades the Cuban people have demonstrated in complex moments, such as the current ones, that they will never give in to Yankee imperialism.

Assailants at the Céspedes barracks remembered in Bayamo

Bayamo: On the 68th anniversary of the assault on the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, in Bayamo, the protagonists of that military action received this Monday the homage of the highest authorities of Granma and of young people from that region.

In the once den of tyranny, today a museum park that bears the name of one of the assailants, Ñico López, today they placed a wreath on behalf of the people of Cuba, Federico Hernández, first secretary of the party and vice-governor Yanetsy Terry.

Reynaldo Fernández, first secretary of the UJC in Granma, said that the epic of 26, united an entire people, under the same ideal to make the revolution, which we continue to build day by day.

He added that in the face of the media campaigns of the empire and its mercenaries and stateless persons, Cuban revolutionaries make their Moncada so that socialism is never reversed in Cuba.

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