Fidel y el Che

The history, since the second half of the twentieth century until today, cannot escape from the impression of a man who lives in it and as a protagonist has become a promoter of the new times: Fidel Castro Ruz.

For Cubans and friends from around the world who admire him it is just Fidel, who cannot be referred to in past tense, because his work, his thoughts, still lucid and active, is still indicating the importance of knowing the world we live in and what is worth fighting for, tirelessly, to save and maintain the revolutionary project, which began on the island on January 1959.

Men are identified for the mark left on the history and the imperishable symbol of those who don’t give up, is the sign that this child born in Biran, 90 years ago, brought into this world.

Student leader first, he organized and led a youth movement that reclaimed Marti, a hundred years after the birth of the apostle. He summoned people from the exile and returned to the country to lead the fight in the mountains. After the victory, he became involved in the construction of a new national project, his main work.

Men are best identified by their works, their legacy, for what they leave to posterity, for their vision to foresee crossroads and help breaking every stumble.

That’s why it is easy to find Fidel when you are walking through Cuba or the world. And not because his image continuously appears in photos and posters, and you’ll find his most famous phrases painted on the walls, murals and banners; but because we can see from many sides we sighted the work that inspired, he said the work he has inspired, ordered, envisioned as part of the indispensable utopia to make a better world possible.

In the tiny rural school in the middle of the intricate hills or the many universities, in the scientific centers that bring their work to human betterment; in the doctors and health technicians who throughout the island and elsewhere in the world carry out the difficult task of preserving lives; on the roads that link mountains and plains, in the books that have multiplied thanks to his efforts, in the dignity of women, equality of races and creeds, there is Fidel.

His presence also remains in the minds of those who raise the banner of justice, peace, brotherhood, in the creative vastness of these years of persistent effort to make a country “with all and for the good of all.”

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