La unidad Latinoamericana es necesaria para apoyae a Venezuela.

The attempts to overthrow Nicolás Maduro, the legitimate President of Venezuela, grow with the support of the government of the United States and its allies in the United Nations. Washington is trying to legalize in the Security Council a military aggression against the Latin American nation.

The search for justifications to oppose the Bolivarian process is not new; they arose with the arrival of Hugo Chávez Frías as president, by express decision of the Venezuelan people at the polls. Since then the American impertinence does not stop hampering the will of a nation with the majority support of the people.

Now, in an open and insolent way, the White House seeks to legalize the military aggression, as a first step for what they call humanitarian intervention, ignoring and trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

Successive US administrations have never let go the typical disdain for the progressive governments of the region, they continue thinking of Latin America as their backyard, old and new doctrines are used as the foundation of a policy that never hid their twisted imperial interests.

The position of truly democratic governments, of progressive movements and of the peoples that have felt on their shoulders the interested and stage-hand of those who like to come to power through nauseating ways must be to support the sovereignty and integrity of Venezuela.

The Cuban government maintains the position of rejecting the interventionist and unconstitutional actions of the United States against Venezuela. President Miguel Díaz Canel made clear the support and solidarity with Nicolás Maduro before the imperialist attempts to discredit and destabilize the Bolivarian Revolution.

To support the integrity of Venezuela, respect the decision of the majority of the people and its legitimate government, is to ratify the dreams of freedom and greatness of Simón Bolívar and the anti-imperialist and Latin Americanist thinking of José Martí.

In the South American nation, the idea of ​​the union of the peoples of America was conceived, a principle that Martí defended by taking up his libertarian pen to warn what is urgent for these times: “It is the hour of the recount and of the united march, and we have to walk in a tight box, like the silver in the roots of the Andes “.

Andy Duardo Martin

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