Fidel Castro Ruz

Fidel must be remembered in present, in the first line of the combat, tireless warrior who still guides us in front of the crossroads.

His name overflows the limits of the word, overcomes nostalgia, yearnings, overcomes sadness and becomes a firm and rebellious verb, an eternal companion in this journey that he continues to steer.

That’s why there is no absence. He beats in every moment of the Island: in the schools, where in September, children come to learn the secrets of human work and in the classrooms of universities, definitively opened after January 1959.

Fidel is with the peasant, who works in the morning in the conquered land, that the Revolution took from the latifundio and today belongs to the one who works it.

He continues to encourage the development of science, in the centers he founded to stimulate research and projects of great impact on health and the economy, inside and outside the island.

His legacy remains in sports, culture, is a living work, dispersed in the corners of a country that never tires of evoking him and learned with him to conjure up stumbling blocks with the stubbornness of hope.

It is true, there is no absence. Fidel continues at our side, defying the blizzards of the hurricanes, encouraging us from the stands, showing us that the place where a revolutionary has gone will never be alone.

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