A incrementar las medidas de ahorro en Güines.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Energy Council in the city of Güines convened to increase saving measures and maintain control of the efficient use of energy during the post-Covid-19 recovery stage, conceived in three phases.

This is a task of the first order, which the top leadership of the country calls to fulfill consumer plans.

According to Jorge Núñez Pino, general director of economy in Güines and president of the energy council, the main effects are centered on the irrigation system of agriculture and productive forms.

The actions promote better results in the generation of electricity and the efficiency in the use of energy to reduce its demand and the peak loads of the electrical system.

In high-consumption work centers in the town, measures are taken at peak times to save energy.

Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque


Por Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque  

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