Covid-19: Wave that Rises and Falls

Havana, Cuba: The World Health Organization (WHO) defined the Covid-19 pandemic as a great wave that rises and falls due to its behavior in recent weeks, in which it ratified its complexity, rapid spread and lethality in addition to being a virus very different from influenza and without attachment to seasonal trends, Prensa Latina publishes.

With this criterion, Margaret Harris, an epidemiologist and WHO spokesperson, warned about the danger of considering the transmission of the disease to be less aggressive, which now totals more than 17.2 million people infected and exceeds 673,000 deaths worldwide.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, warned that “the pandemic continues to accelerate and cases have doubled in the last six weeks”, stressing the importance of observing hygiene measures and social distancing, since where are met, the cases diminish.

In his alert he meant that the deaths have doubled the amounts in just over two months, while stressing that Europe continues to be the continent most affected in the number of deaths with more than 200,000, but the pandemic is advancing rapidly in America.

By country, the United States has the highest number of fatalities, ahead of Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Italy.

Africa and South Asia also see their numbers of infected grow significantly with South Africa and India at the top, respectively.

For the head of the international health organization, Covid-19 has changed the world, since it generated the union between peoples, communities and nations, although it has also distanced them, she assured.

Among the positive factors in some countries, he mentioned effective leadership, educational campaigns, wide application of diagnostic tests, hygiene measures, and social distancing practices.

But no progress can lead to loss of risk perception, as a second wave of cases already affects several nations that were praised at the beginning of the pandemic for their efficiency in implementing containment measures.

Official data indicates that in at least 40 countries there are reports of new daily records of infections, as occurs in Europe where, after the relaxation of the distancing, more stringent actions are now imposed.

Equally alarming is that 77 percent of the global deaths of women infected with SARS-CoV-2 during the pregnancy or postpartum period are registered in Brazil, due to the lack of health care during both periods.

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