Confirman diez nuevos casos positivos a la Covid-19.

Havana, Cuba: Ten new positive cases to COVID-19 are reported today in Cuba, for a cumulative of 2 thousand 321 people infected since the beginning of the pandemic in the country, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health reported this Thursday.

At midnight yesterday, July 9, 277 patients are admitted to hospitals for epidemiological clinical surveillance. Another 219 people are monitored in primary health care, reports.

For COVID-19, 3,141 samples were studied, resulting in 10 positive samples. The country accumulates 198 thousand 675 samples made and 2,413 positive (1.2%).

The 10 diagnosed cases are Cuban, all from Havana, of them nine (90%) were contacts of confirmed cases and in one (10%) the source of infection is not specified, 8 are women and two are men. 70% (7) of the cases were asymptomatic.

Of the 2,413 patients diagnosed with the disease, 76 (3.1%) remain confirmed hospitalized, of these 74 97.4% present stable clinical evolution. 86 deaths are reported (none of the day), two evacuees and 2,249 recovered patients (93.3%) (Five discharges of the day). Two patients in serious condition are reported.

Until July 9, 185 countries with cases of COVID-19 are reported, with 12 million 017 thousand 118 confirmed cases (+ 215 thousand 313) and 549 thousand 276 deaths (+ 5 thousand 374) with a lethality of 4.57 % (-0.04).

The region of the Americas reports 6 million 266 thousand 703 confirmed cases (+ 130 thousand 592), 52% of the total cases reported in the world, with 276 thousand 520 deaths (+ 4 thousand 018) for a lethality of 4.41 % (-0.04).

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