Mayabeque, Cuba: Workers from the René Vallejo Agricultural Machinery Repair and Maintenance Workshop, from the Caraballo Popular Council, completed the recovery of three corn harvesters, in response to the call from the country’s top leadership to minimize the effects of the blockade.

According to the director of the unit, Vicente Brusnata Santana, despite the economic crisis, with the creativity of the innovators it was possible to repair the technology totally unknown to the group, which allowed the equipment to return to useful life.

They work on the repair of other equipment such as the T-330, with a high level of exploitation and deterioration. With the inventiveness of this dedicated staff, they managed to put these devices into operation for the development of agriculture, Brusnata Santana said.

Although they do not have any guaranteed supply, due to the tightening of the commercial, economic and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, the workers continue to be an example of consecration within the municipality for the innovations they bring, he added.

Yainely Guerra

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