Mayabeque alerta ante cercanía de Laura.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Surgidero de Batabanó is prone to the greatest damage predicted due to the impact of the meteorological phenomenon. As expected, from eight at night until tomorrow there may be coastal flooding of up to half a meter, meanwhile Santa Cruz del Norte can suffer the onslaught of tidal waves and the effect of the rains, Cubadebate reports.

It is foreseen, due to the current advance, that the entire province will be hit by Laura because the feeding and central bands of the phenomenon are as dangerous as the cone, and will bring abundant rainfall and strong gusts of winds.

This was analyzed in the Provincial Defense Council, which pointed out the preservation of lives and personal resources and those of the economy, as well as the state of the reservoirs, especially the micro-dams, such as in San Antonio de Las Vegas whose population waters below requires being attentive to the danger of flooding from the drainage, which leads to immediate evacuation.

The agriculture sector harvested various crops such as banana and cassava with accelerated stockpiling, in turn protecting the warehouses, covering houses and irrigation machinery, among others. As for the animals, about 90 thousand, of 145 thousand heads, were moved to high areas.

The Electric Company will open the circuits in the face of strong winds, so it is appropriate to accumulate water and have lighting options in homes and vital centers.

The Basic Electrical Organization has 12 support brigades ready to repair breaks and breakdowns after the event, in the province and outside the territory.

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