COVID-19 in the World

Brazil registered 855 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, which has already added 119 thousand 504 human losses since the start of the pandemic. Likewise, that country counts 3 million 804 thousand 803 infections, adding 43 thousand 412 new cases from Thursday to Friday, Cubadebate publishes.

According to the latest update from the Ministry of Health, the state of Sao Paulo continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic in the country, concentrating 29,694 deaths and 796,209 positive cases of the disease.

708 thousand 503 people remain under follow-up and another 2 million 976 thousand 796 have recovered from the disease.

As this day transpired, the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) ordered the temporary dismissal of the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, on suspicion of corruption in the management of public funds to combat the pandemic.

Witzel and his wife Helena are at the investigation center on corruption in the fight against the pathogen, which resulted in contracts for nearly 400 million dollars from companies and social organizations, mainly linked to businessman Mário Peixoto, arrested in the Favorite operation on May 14.

Faced with another record of infections, Argentina extends quarantine
amid a new record of COVID-19 cases, Argentine President Alberto Fernández once again appealed to social responsibility and today announced a new extension of social isolation until September 20.

With almost 12 thousand infections in the last 24 hours, the president considered today that the country is far from solving the problem of the pandemic, despite the fact that it registers a lower number of deaths per million inhabitants compared to other nearby nations.

“We cannot neglect ourselves now, we have 18 provinces with sustained transmission, the problem is throughout the country, if circulation increases and we relax, there is no health system that can hold out”, the president warned in his speech.

As explained by the Head of State, just over a month ago 93 percent of the cases were concentrated in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, but the panorama has changed, since within Argentina, patients positive for the virus represent 37 percent.

Fernández announced a new extension of the quarantine, as well as the authorization for the whole country of outdoor encounters of up to 10 people, maintaining the social distance of two meters and hygiene protocols, including the mandatory use of a nasobuco.

This Friday the country closes the week with a total of 392 thousand nine infected and 8 thousand 271 fatalities, of which 11 thousand 717 positive cases and 222 deaths in the last 24 hours.

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