Brazil Activates Green Light to Choose Candidates for Municipal Elections

Brasilia: The conventions of the political parties in Brazil to select the candidates for mayors, vice mayors and councilors, who will participate in the 2020 municipal elections, are authorized to begin as of today, Prensa Latina publishes.

Official sources confirmed that such acts will have a deadline of September 16 and the deadline for the registration of applicants will also open this Monday and will extend until the 26 of the following month.

Likewise, this August 31 was set as the deadline for the Electoral Justice to define and publish the terms of expenses for each position in dispute.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the voting calendar was changed and all the deadlines were extended by 42 days.

Thus, the conventions, to be held between the end of July and the beginning of August, had to be postponed.

Another change is the approval by the Superior Electoral Court of a resolution to authorize the conventions to be held virtually.

The measure aims to avoid crowds, but it is not mandatory. Face-to-face meetings can be held, as long as sanitary measures are respected.

With the expansion of the calendar, the voting date for the first round will be November 15. The second will take place two weeks later, on the 29th.

After September 26, electoral propaganda will begin, including on the Internet.

The Electoral Justice will convene the parties and the representation of radio and television stations to draw up a plan.

In the fair, more than 150 million voters will choose the mayors, vice mayors and councilors of the 5 thousand 568 municipalities of Brazil.

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