Academic Year Restarts in Mayabeque’s Capital

Mayabeque, Cuba: More than 400 students from the Víctor Mestre Sardiñas Primary School, in the capital of Mayabeque, returned to their classrooms to restart the school year after several months, due to the impact of Covid-19, complying with the measures hygienic-sanitary guided by the Ministry of Public Health.

“This was an atypical return, like that of all primary education centers nationwide, with children and teachers permanently wearing the mask faces”, the head of the educational center’s cycle, Darinka Vasallo Guiteria, commented.

Other measures to avoid the new coronavirus at school are hand disinfection at the entrance to the center and the provision of foot passages at the entrance of the institution and classrooms.

“For the stay of the children at school they must bring four mask faces (nasobucos), which must be changed every three hours”, Vasallo Guiteria says.

In the classrooms, the tables and the groups with the highest enrollment were separated, they were distributed to other premises of the facility itself to comply with the distancing required by the health authorities, in favor of the safety of the children and the teaching staff.

Quering Rodríguez

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