Ecuadorians ask support to Correa: Ecuador to win.

Ecuador: Organizations, personalities and citizens unite their voices in the slogan Ecuador to Win, in support of former President Rafael Correa, disqualified from participating in elections after the ratification of his sentence in the Bribery Case, Radio Reloj reports.

The ruling of the cassation court of the National Court of Justice ended his candidacy for the vice-presidency of the Republic, which he accepted in formula with Andrés Aráuz, nominated by the Union for Hope coalition as president for the general elections agreed on the 7th of February 2021.

Correa, after hearing the judicial opinion, affirmed: In record time they draw a final sentence to disqualify me as a candidate; They DO NOT understand that all they do is increase popular support.

According to the Eloy Alfaro Institute of Political and Economic Thought, the resolution deepens the legal war against Correa and other former officials of his government.

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