Xi Jinping, President of China

Beijing: President Xi Jinping affirmed today that no person or force will stop China’s march towards building a modestly prosperous society, after ratifying the will to do what is necessary to protect the lives of the people, Prensa Latina publishes.

He deplored that in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, some countries bet on ‘selfishness, the search for scapegoats and for confusing the right thing with the wrong thing’, without taking into account the consequences of those acts.

But he considered the confrontation with the pneumonia as evidence of the strength accumulated since the founding of the People’s Republic of China almost 71 years ago and of its solid foundations to face any ‘turbulent tide’ with serenity.

The process, Xi commented, was characterized by putting human life first and demonstrated that socialist values and the country’s culture motivate, help to generate consensus and mobilize resources in times of crisis.

He highlighted the participation of young people, the combination of traditional and western medicine, and continuous innovation.

As he highlighted, the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CCP) constitutes the main pillar of the people in times of difficulties and the organization will take the necessary measures in order to respond to them in any situation.

At that point, Xi welcomed the gradual recovery of the economy, underlined the determination to accelerate the establishment of a wealthy society and, mainly, win the battle against absolute poverty at the end of 2020.

On the other hand, he mentioned unity, cooperation, solidarity, respect for science and a humanitarian sense as the key elements in the fight against the pandemic at the international level.

He assured that China will maintain the supply of sanitary materials, support the role of the World Health Organization as coordinator of this task, and promote economic globalization based on multilateralism.

Among other issues, he thanked the help received from abroad in the most challenging stage of the Covid-19 here and recalled that China rewarded it by sending assistance and professionals to regions hit by the disease.

In fact, the Asian nation exported 1.4 billion protective suits, 209 thousand respirators and a significant volume of face masks between March 15 and September 6.

Xi Jinping delivered this speech by honoring four qualified role model figures for their work in China’s fight against Covid-19.

Among the laureates is Chen Wei, a military scientist who created a recombinant vaccine to treat pneumonia and also known as the Ebola killer.

In addition, the contribution of thousands of individuals, groups and members of the CCP was recognized.

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