Cuba Applies Strategies to Strengthen Immunity to Covid-19

Havana: Dr. Consuelo Macías, from the Institute of Hematology and Immunology, addressed this Thursday, at the Round Table, the preventive immune treatments for groups vulnerable to Covid-19, Radio Reloj publishes.

She explained that based on the country’s experience in Immunology, strategies were drawn that included the application of Biomodulin T in several nursing homes, as immune-modulatory preventive treatment for respiratory infections.

Biomodulin T, a drug from the National Center for Biopreparations, increases the production of antibodies and orchestrates the immune response to face a possible infection, he reported.

The doctor said that since April, more than 8 thousand older adults from nursing homes in the country have received Biomodulin T, and it was shown that none have acquired Covid-19, as well as a lower percentage of respiratory infections.

Greater preventive intervention

The preventive and therapeutic intervention associated with Biomodulin T will be extended to a greater number of older adults, and also to younger population groups in the country, to deal with Covid-19, Dr. Consuelo Macías, of the Institute of Hematology and Immunology, highlighted.

She recalled that Biomodulin T is applied to the elderly, because it is an essential medicine to restore the immune deficit.

The doctor stressed that this drug is being used as part of the Covid-19 coping protocol in Cuban nursing homes, with good results in terms of reducing respiratory infections, as shown by the studies carried out.

She stressed the need to maintain, together with preventive intervention, the permanent use of the mask and disinfection, as the best weapons against the disease.

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