Indigenous People in the Amazon Threatened Due to the Advance of COVID 19

Just over a month ago the world celebrated the International Day of the Indigenous People, a day instituted since 1994 to raise awareness about the great vulnerability of these communities.

However, little has changed since then. Indigenous peoples continue to be discriminated and invisible, a reality that has reaffirmed the current global health emergency due to COVID 19.

Last May in the Amazon region the number of infected was 20 THOUSAND and 163 the communities affected.

But the pandemic has continued its devastating advance, before the indifferent gaze of most governments. Today the number of patients rises to almost 56,000.

The latest report from the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin and the Panamazonic Ecclesial Network indicates that there are already close to two thousand the deaths and there are approximately 232 peoples affected by the disease caused by the new coronavirus, mostly located in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, nations that present a critical health situation.

The inhabitants of the Amazon see their existence threatened and so far the authorities of many of the countries where they live have done little or nothing to change the scenery.

Preventive actions have been forgotten, food is not distributed to families, nor have communication channels been established between health centers to monitor possible patients, much less informative messages have been issued in indigenous languages.

These groups do not have guaranteed access to medical services, medicines and drinking water, while they are exposed to other diseases such as dengue, which increases their risk and vulnerability.

The indigenous people also fight against the environmental effects produced by the human being that damage their environment, their resources and sacred places.

As stated by the Casa de las Américas cultural institution, these conflicts

Maria Josefina Arce

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