Responsibility first.

Risk perception, is a phrase that we hear frequently lately, but that many do not fully understand or at least do not apply with all the seriousness that it requires.

This is demonstrated by the epidemiological situation that some territories of the country have today with the re-outbreak of COVID-19, after at one point we thought we had won or at least we were conquering the pandemic.

The numbers of positive cases in recent days are alarming and the Ministry of Public Health redoubles its efforts to reverse the situation. But government efforts to defeat COVID-19 are of no use if we do not apply what is established and ignore the warnings.

In recent days, Mayabeque has also reported positive cases for SARS CoV-2 and the danger hangs over our heads, like the sword of Damocles, taking into account the number of asymptomatic patients that have appeared in this province, even above the national average .

However, it is astonishing the number of people who walk through our streets not complying with the guidelines, disrespecting the physical distancing, which is so necessary, or incorrectly using the nasobuco, a garment that, as has been reiterated, is here to stay.

It is also striking how little combative we show in the face of wrongdoing and the calm with which we observe others act irresponsibly, without realizing that this can also compromise our health and that of everyone.

It is not the only task of the authorities to corner the noncompliant, that is something that touches us all, the neighbors who passively watch how children play in the street without any protection, the parents who allow their teenage children to meet with the friends, as if nothing happened, to those of us who are in a queue and do not respect the separation between people, in short, everyone.

Only then can we defeat COVID-19, being responsible and consistent with our actions.

Remember that the best tribute to health workers, who today are in the red zone, fighting the pandemic, is not the applause at 9:00 p.m., but the responsibility with which we act every day to take care of the lifetime.

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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