If anything has become clear to us in the last two years, it is that health care is an individual responsibility. Covid-19 infected easily those who were more confident and neglected the prevention measures, guided from the first day by the health authorities.

Self-care and discipline continue to be the most sensible attitudes today, even when the situation is more promising, in relation to the deadly virus.

On the part of the government and the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health, the plan to confront the pandemic is maintained, with the same rigor as in the most difficult moments.

This responds to the commitment to the people of protection in health matters and the will to save lives and put an end to the fearsome disease.

We must be consistent then and reward the colossal effort of the State, with a full sense of responsibility.

We are in a better moment, with a more favorable hygienic-sanitary situation and the control of the Covid is a fact, but it is necessary for everyone to collaborate, not to lower our guard and be responsible, we are one step closer and it depends on each one of us reaching the end.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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