Young university student works voluntarily at the Mayabeque Aqueduct and Sewer Company.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Rolando González Baldoquin, third-year hydraulic engineering student at the José Antonio Echeverría Technological University of Havana, decided to join voluntarily during this stage that the country is going through to contribute his knowledge and gain experiences in the Aqueduct and Sewer Company of Mayabeque.

Since joining this group, he has carried out several projects and has participated in several works. This is an example of the prominence of the youth of the province in current times.

The future hydraulic engineer of Mayabeque, Rolando González Baldoquin, worked on the selection of a pump that would fit the system and its subsequent installation to compensate for the impact on the water supply service in San Antonio de Las Vegas.

He knows how to make the most of time as he combines accumulated theory with practice, which contributes to learning more about his profession and feeling more love for what he will do in the not too distant future.

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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