The new normality we are experiencing implies assuming certain positions and actions that lead to a totally positive scenario in the future. If I stop at the collective and institutional aspect, then it must be taken into account that from the epidemiological point of view the risks are present.

 What does that argument imply? It is the responsibility of the health system to reinforce epidemiological hygienic measures, to avoid, first, that someone we know, neighbor or family does not enter the workplace, our homes, with a cold, feverish symptoms and low respiratory rhythm. If it happens, we should notify it immediately and thus avoid the possible spread of the disease.

In this new stage of the epidemic, each of the established actions must be complied with and put into effect, which is perfectly possible, because we have a highly educated, knowledgeable and enterprising people.

Old teachings that you and I also know, teach us that when things are not done well, the consequences are regrettable. The indiscipline, the lack of organization, demand, vigilance and control, are gaps through which the coronavirus can penetrate without being invited.

To prevent the pandemic from corroding us, the country has invested millions of pesos in health expenses, an unexpected burden on the state budget and we have to reciprocate with those efforts by doing, as my mother said … do things right and nothing more.

It is vital not to get on the bandwagon and ignore the figures that today are promoting this planet with telluric force, where the death toll exceeds one million people and more than 45 million are reported infested.

These figures have nothing to do with ours, 128 deaths and close to 7 thousand positive cases, however they are numbers that worry, that strain the social context, including the suffering and sadness for those that the coronavirus took from us.

The new normality implies assuming and implementing each of the measures as an essential aspect on a day-to-day basis, because trust cannot be allowed to proliferate and pass us like the Trojans, old citizens and warriors seduced by the novelty that the great steed made of wood implied, which they allowed to pass through the strong walls. Big mistake, at that very moment, dazzled by the majesty of Greek ingenuity, they signed their death warrant.

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