Realiza venta online de producciones de cerámica blanca Empresa Mixta SANVIG.SA.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Online sales are one of the strategies of the Mixed Company SANVIG.SA, located in Mayabeque, in order to attract foreign currency to obtain financing for its productions.

The Cuban-Vietnamese Corporation has two white ceramic production industries, located in San José de las Lajas and Santa Cruz del Norte, the latter dedicated to the manufacture of floor tiles measuring 33 by 33 centimeters, currently sold in the Bazaar Virtual.

The entity also markets its productions in the CIMEX Corporation stores in several provinces of the country, with sales figures exceeding 73 thousand MLC and with a great acceptance of the product in the population.

The Head of the Purchasing Department of the Mixed Company, Productos Sanitarios S.A, Mariela González Guerra, referred to the peculiarities of this strategy in statements to this press organ.  

The executive said that they are currently working on the EnZona platform so that customers can buy with the cards issued by Cuban banks.

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