Lechugas, variedades de col, remolacha, perejil, pepino, zanahoria, habichuela, entre otras, están a la venta en el huerto semiprotegido. Foto: Archivo

Mayabeque, Cuba: Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, in San José de las Lajas, received a visit from the national group, in order to evaluate different indicators of the sector, such as vegetable production, family gardens and Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CPA), in the capital of Mayabeque.

After an exchange about the work of the local areas, the team toured different points of the locality to corroborate the state of the local development.

The Nazareno Agricultural Company and the Urban Farm Base Business Unit, in the provincial capital, presented a total of 34 possible points to visit, according to the scope that their producers have already achieved.

Among those presented are 4 hydroponics, 7 family patios, 9 plots, 7 farms and 4 orchards, also 1 semi-protected, 2 organoponico, 1 technical nursery, 1 botanical seed farm, 1 organic matter bank.

They also visited a Farmer’s Shop Clinic, where they verified the presence of seeds of different species, the first point of a tour that aims to verify vegetable crops, as well as the use of appropriate organic fertilizers.

Lettuces, varieties of cabbage, beets, parsley, cucumber, carrots among others, are for sale there in addition to positions of different species of fruit trees.

In the semi-protected garden, at the entrance to San José de las Lajas, they observed the cultivation of a wide range of vegetables, some of which are beginning to bear fruit on a small scale and garlic, chard, radish, and spinach are already being offered to the population and okra, while others such as the Jamaica flower are already sold out.

Redis Méndez

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