Toma de posesión en Bolivia y campaña comunicacional en Cuba contra la COVID- 19.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The inauguration in Bolivia of the new President Luis Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca, as well as the communication campaign of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba on how to act in the new normality were the topics addressed in the Round Table this Monday, November 9, starting the week.

In the first moment, the expert from the International Policy Research Center, Master of Science Orieta Hernández Bermúdez, offered a summary of the situation in Bolivia since the results of the elections were known until the inauguration ceremony.

And moving on to the other topic in his intervention on the television program, the National Director of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, Doctor Francisco Durán García, explained the particularities of the new communication campaign to confront Covid 19 in the country.

In the final minutes they released the music and a video clip of a beautiful Samuel Formell instrumental dedicated to all health personnel.

Yarisleidys Domínguez

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