Mayabeque, Cuba: Professors of the Antonio Guiteras Holmes Polytechnic Institute, in Güines, strengthen vocational training and professional guidance for students.

There the adolescents study careers Middle Technician in Microcomputer Operator Secretary, Accounting, Librarianship, Documentary Technique and Human Capital Management.

Qualified workers are also trained there in Food Processing and Beauty Services Assistant, according to the deputy director of vocational training and production, Idalmis Aguiar Cardentey.

“The schoolchildren arrive with notions of the specialty they will study, but here at school, they immediately receive information about the profile and professional skills that they will develop throughout their career, in this way they fall in love, adapt and become familiar with what will be their future”, Aguiar Cardentey added.

According to Aguiar Cardentey, another strategy they adopt so that adolescents show interest in the chosen specialty is by making them participate in practical activities in the adjoining classrooms.

Visits to companies, workshops, video-conferences with specialists are other important actions.

In Cuba, the National Education System has as one of its functions the preparation of middle technicians, qualified workers, teachers and higher level specialists to satisfy the needs of the different branches of production, services, science, culture and the country’s economy.

Elsa Gómez Valle

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