In the speech delivered by Fidel Castro at the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of his admission to the university, on November 17, 2005, the historical leader recognized the worth of that group of eight medical students unjustly shot for an act they did not commit. .

“Eight students were shot in 1871 and they were the foundations of the noblest sentiments and rebellious spirit of our people, who were so outraged by this colossal injustice. In the history of our youth, the memory of those medical students was always present, and the students always fought against tyrannical and corrupt governments ”.

The University Student Federation (FEU) will carry out this day tributes of remembrance to the young people shot by Spanish colonialism, 149 years ago.

Today a sad page in the history of Cuba is remembered. These innocent young people knew how to maintain their dignity and courage in the face of hatred.

Cuban youth have a valuable heritage that allows them to be the continuity and guarantee of the Cuban Revolution, since they are the protagonists of the economic and social transformations in Cuba.

Lianet Hernández Soto

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