Mayabeque, Cuba: Members of the municipal and provincial secretariat of the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC by its Spanish initials) recognized the professionals of the word, within the framework of the celebrations for Announcer’s Day that is celebrated in Cuba every December 1st.

The General Secretary of the union in Mayabeque, Mayra Duarte, gave recognition to those who make Revolution from the microphone, defending the Cuban Revolution and the conquests of the people from that trench.

While the President of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT), Alfonso Noya Martínez, congratulated the professionals of the word, for accompanying and stimulating the construction of a better country.

Every December 1st, the Announcer’s Day is celebrated in Cuba, an event instituted since 1954, in compliance with one of the agreements of the meeting of the National College of Broadcasters (CNL), at the proposal of its members, in remembrance of the young and active colleague of the union, Jorge Luis Nieto García.

Isamary Valero

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