Association of a social nature, constituted according to the legislation in force in the country, with the purpose of grouping radio amateurs and Cuban listeners who so wish. At present, more than 98 percent of Cuban radio amateurs are members of this organization.

Among its objectives it has:

* to take the measures that propitiate the growth of the activity of the Radio amateur in the country according to the national and international technical development.
 * to organize the Cuban Radio Amateurs that are members of it through the Radio Clubs and Special Radio Clubs that will be directed and controlled through the Subsidiaries of each province.
 * to direct the work of the Cuban Amateur Radio to patriotic, scientific and cultural objectives, which will actively allow the integration of Radio amateurs to the tasks of building socialist society in Cuba, within the moral and ethical principles of the Revolution.
 * Ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Cuban Amateur Radio and for the observance of the Laws and Regulations that regulate Radio Amateurs, both during the development of the activity by its members, and in their relations with State Organizations and Institutions On occasion of it.
 * to promote the development of the different modalities existing in the Radio amateurs.
 * to strengthen relations with political and mass organizations or state institutions of their level and achieve integration of Radio Aficio in political and social activities, as well as those linked to production and defense.
 * to establish and develop relationships with foreign Amateur Radio organizations with the purpose of exchanging experiences, determining collaboration and developing other activities of Radio amateurs.

 One of the facets of radio amateur, and perhaps the best known by the population given its impact and the disclosure it provokes in the media, is undoubtedly its participation in emergencies due to natural disasters and extreme situations.

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