Experience and quality, aspects that stand out in the delegation of San Nicolás.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Four educators from San Nicolás are participating until February 3 in the International Congress Pedagogy 2021, which for the first time is held virtually.

The House of the Educator assumes the headquarters at the municipal level of the seventeenth edition of the event that takes place under the slogan “For the unity of educators.”

Marla Lazo Abreu, Speech therapist at Frank País Elementary School, Arístides Placencia, Mathematics teacher at the Urban Basic Secondary (ESBU) Pedrín Troya, Doraisi Hernández Martínez and Olga Lidia Palenzuela, represent San Nicolás at the meeting.

 As a proposal they intend to transform the classes into entertaining and motivating to make the classroom a place for learning and developing knowledge.

Milay Vega Villar

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