Active investigations to face Covid-19.

Mayabeque, Cuba: A tape in her home made a difference with the others on her block; Esther Valdés’s family has been isolated for being a contact of a confirmed case of Covid-19.

In those moments of anguish and uncertainty, the support of the local authorities was invaluable to Esther and her entire family.

“We had great support from the Municipal Directorate of Public Health and colleagues at the command post of the Defense Council, who made frequent visits”, Valdés said.

When the possibility of being infected with the deadly virus is a fact, the experience is shocking, the isolation invites reflection.

Esther Valdés now strongly joins the call of the health authorities to be responsible and have a perception of risk.

The tape is no longer in the house, the bad moment passed, but the danger is still latent, as the gratitude of this inhabitant of Madruga for the attention received.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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