El ordenamiento revitaliza la economía del país

The world economic situation shows serious cracks, given the advance of Covid-19. Those who, after the improvement of weeks ago, opened factories, consortiums, businesses, are suffering again a brake on production and services due to the regrowth, although it was necessary to keep some areas of interest open and close others, before the unstoppable pandemic.

Cuba is not out of this worrying situation, in fact, the so-called opening as part of the new normality, also had to adapt to the circumstances.

Hence, the importance of the Ordering Task in the country’s economic strategy, specifically designed to face the current economic crisis, warning that the labor force must multiply to the maximum to create, above all, the need for work as a source of wealth for the entire society.

Long was the process to adapt regulations, laws and norms in all sectors and spheres, to eliminate the monetary and exchange duality, which exerted a negative influence on the economy and society.

The salary regulation was also made effective with a substantial transformation, the elimination of subsidies, which cost the country millions of pesos every day and deploying differentiated care to vulnerable people.

The Cuban government warned about the possible inflationary process that could occur, due to a real level of essential shortages, however, it indicated to monitor very closely the abusive prices, to continue protecting the population, an aspect that must be looked at more than front in the municipalities of the Mayabeque province. Producers and sellers withdraw from the urgency of lowering the monetary amount in the sale of essential food for citizens.

At this point, there are thousands of those reincorporated to work, as the productive capacity of the country is recovering, and one of the spheres that will demand from these forces until today inert, is the production of food, an essential line to consolidate Food Sovereignty, channel through where large resources escape the country as they must be acquired abroad.

Perhaps many have not realized it, but the reality of January 1 to date is different, with a little fear for some, especially those who do not produce, however, everyone who works and is committed to personal economy and of the country, appreciates results and encouragement to continue.

The urgent Ordering Task, with substantial transformations for the economy and for Cubans in general, is a path through which we are walking, a development strategy, an aspiration and a need. Making its challenges a reality will give light to the future of production and services in the country. We travel along that path.

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