Mayabeque, Cuba: Working on early detection as well as cancer prevention is of vital importance for the health system in Cuba.

Residents of the municipality of Madruga comment on this:

“Detecting cancer early is guaranteeing life; doctors do an exceptional job in this regard.”

“Our health system is well prepared to face the disease and all care is free.”

“Early diagnosis is important; each year deaths are more frequent in young people.”

In each of our municipalities there are care and support programs for those who suffer from cancer. An example of this is the work of health promoters in Madruga.

Among the actions, the projection of educational messages directed towards self-responsibility and self-management of health stand out.

If there is any doubt or concern, people should go to the family doctor and nurse’s office to indicate the complementary tests.

Cancer can be preventable and there are many health habits that help in the process, such as: not smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, breast self-exam and cytology test.

Yadira Montero

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