Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque registers 67 positive cases for Covid-19, according to the official website of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).

Among the cases disgnosed, nine do not precise a source of infection (2 from Bejucal, 1 from Güines, 2 from Jaruco, 1 from Nueva Paz, 1 from Quivicán and 2 from San José de las Lajas). In addition, 58 are contacts of confirmed cases.

Of the 67 samples, the territories of Bejucal and Jaruco have 4 each, Batabanó and Santa Cruz del Norte 1 per municipality. Jaruco 4, Madruga 6, Melena del Sur 10, Nueva Paz 3, Quivicán 11, San José de las Lajas 15, San Nicolás 2 and Güines 10.

Among the reported stable critical patients is the 78-year-old citizen from Madruga with a personal pathological history of Arterial Hypertension and Operated Hip Fracture. He is in Intensive Care, afebrile, continues with sepsis of the surgical wound, on mechanical ventilation with moderate respiratory distress. Hemodynamically stable. Gasometry with respiratory acidosis and moderate hypoxemia. Chest X-ray. Inflammatory lesions in both lung fields, signs of an inflammatory aspect persist that impress pulmonary fibrosis and respiratory distress. Evolutionary PCR: negative.

Also in serious condition, the 61-year-old Cuban citizen from the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte, with a Personal Pathological Antecedent of Arterial Insufficiency (old amputation of the lower right limb) and Alcoholism. He is in Intermediate Care, afebrile, spontaneously ventilating with supplemental oxygen. Hemodynamically stable. Normal diuretic rhythm. Gasometry with moderate hypoxemia.

And the 86-year-old Cuban citizen residing in Nueva Paz, with a Personal Pathological History of Arterial Hypertension is in Intensive Care, afebrile, disoriented, with headache, on spontaneous ventilation without supplemental oxygen, adequate saturation. Hemodynamically stable. Preserved diuresis. Skull CT: right temporoparietal intraparenchymal hemorrhage, does not displace the midline, scarce cerebral edema.

The use of the mask face is mandatory in all scenarios, and the assistance of people with flu signs and symptoms in work centers or other institutions is prohibited.

Preventive measures include the increase in clinical investigations, disinfection of hands and surfaces with sodium hypochlorite.

Betsy Santiler Hernández

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