Journalist María Elena Fernández Ruiz.

Havana, Cuba: The Cuban Radio awarded the recognition to the Journalistic Merit 2021 to the radio journalists María Elena Fernández Ruíz, from the provincial radio station Radio Mayabeque and Silvia González Hernández, from Radio Jaruco for their important contributions to Cuban radio journalism and their work of excellence throughout their working life years.

The distinction, which will be delivered in the form of a digital diploma and then in physical condition depending on the epidemiological circumstances of the country as a result of COVID-19, is delivered within the framework of the day for the Day of the Cuban Press, which is celebrated every March 14.

Other professionals approved for the Journalistic Merit 2021, from the capital, are José Raúl Belén Acosta and Alejandra Azucena Torres Alonso, from the Radio Progreso station; Alina Sánchez del Collado, from Radio Reloj; Olivia Felicitas Terry Carvajal, from Cadena Habana; Ramón Lantigua Arcís, from Radio Ciudad de La Habana.

They also recognized Sergio Ramón López Herrera, from Matanzas; Xiomara Rodríguez Cruz and Enma Luisa Rodríguez Aguilera, from Villa Clara; Rafael Quiroga Álvarez, from Las Tunas; Ramón Arnaldo Vargas Castro, from Holguín; Emilio Arias Fernández, from Granma; and Camilo González Guerra, from Santiago de Cuba.

The distinction for the Journalistic Merit was created to recognize radio journalism and those professionals who have dedicated their lives to making it great, and is awarded annually within the framework of the activities for the Day of the Cuban Press.

Isamary Valero Padrón

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