Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.

Washington: A man wandered for five hours at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, passing security checks thanks to a combination of factors, which facilitated the intrusion, the United States Air Force admitted in a statement.

In the place there is the parking of the presidential plane and the point of arrival for VIP visitors, such as foreign heads of state.

The incident occurred on February 4. First, a guard at the gate allowed an unknown person to enter without prior authorization. Second, the automatic gate at the entry control point did not function properly, allowing access to the flight zones.

After entering, the man boarded an Air Force C-40 plane, which was open for crews. The third problem involved personnel conducting training on the aircraft, who observed the moment of the man’s entry, but ignored his presence.

The subsequent internal investigation found that Air Force One, the presidential Boeing 747, was kept safe during the incident.

After 5 hours, the man was located, arrested for unauthorized access and turned over to local authorities.

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