Mayabeque today registers 10 new cases of Covid-19.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In the most recent part related to the behavior of Covid-19 in Cuba and the world, the province of Mayabeque reported 15 new positive cases.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), they are all indigenous. Of these, 2 have no specified source of infection and the remaining 13 are contacts of previously identified cases.

The municipality of Güines confirmed 6 cases, while San José de Las Lajas reported 4 and Bejucal 2.

In the case of Jaruco, Madruga and San Nicolás de Bari, each territory registered 1 case.

According to the Provincial Director of Public Health in Mayabeque, Luis Armando Wong Corrales, the province continues with a complex epidemiological situation due to the high incidence rate, despite the decrease in active cases in recent days.

The doctor added that at the moment the demarcation accumulates 33 active cases of pediatric patients and the highest incidence is in the ages between zero and five years.

Recent studies carried out by the National Center for Medical Genetics in Cuba showed that children are high transmitters of the disease.

Wong Corrales added that the number of patients over 65 infected with the disease also rises. In addition, the territory registers 3 pregnant women and one puerperal infected by the new coronavirus.

The doctor alerts the population because 65 percent of the confirmed cases so far in the province are asymptomatic.

The municipalities of Melena del Sur, Güines, San José de Las Lajas, Quivicán and Santa Cruz del Norte are the territories with the greatest complexity.

The province has six isolation centers for contacts of confirmed cases, one for symptomatic suspects, another for travelers from abroad, five field hospitals and a pediatric care center.

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