Yoendy Vasallo Camacho

Mayabeque, Cuba: Yoendy Vasallo Camacho, is a young man from Mayabeque who stands out for his merits as passenger director of the Provincial Transportation Company, but that is not enough for him and he continues to add stories to his life.

He was among the first in that sector to step forward to combat COVID-19, according to the website of the Radio Reloj Station.

In her statements Yoendy stated: “When you are in the red zone it is inevitable to feel a little fear, some tension and stop thinking about the family, but seeing the patients who need you, the emotions are compensated and it gives you the strength to comply with Fidel and the Homeland”.

This experience at the Isolation Center for Contacts, located at the Pedro Albizu Campos Pedagogical School, in Mayabeque, gave Vasallo Camacho new personal experiences and the satisfaction of being there, where the Revolution needs him most.

“There I served in the red zone, bringing food to patients, cleaning and sanitizing and whatever was needed to be done”, Vasallo Camacho said.

The humanism and solidarity of Cuban youth are values ​​that are growing today to contribute in these days of anguish and unease to victory against an enemy of health that today claims millions of lives in the world.

Rebeca Díaz Acosta

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