Responsibility, altruism and courage characterized the work carried out in times of pandemic.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Professors from the Sport Complex Carlos Baliño  from Güines, were recognized for their work in the fight against the new Coronavirus, in the red zone.

Danner Raúl Oviedo, Yoel Collazo Díaz, Lázaro Pedro Darromán Morales and Kendry Romay González, received the Medal for Life and were distinguished by the Education, Science and Sports union.

The general secretary of the union in this municipality, Yanieski Pérez Hernández, highlighted the support of the staff and said that it was important in the face of a lethal enemy that affects healthy people or with chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

They were also granted special recognition by the management of the Carlos Baliño sports team for their willingness, together with experienced staff, to take care of patients infected by Covid-19, so that they formed a work team, and maintained strict safety protocols as a guarantee for the success of the task.

In the first line of combat against Sarcov-2, in the isolation centers, they maintained control of temperature and blood pressure, in addition to cleaning, organizing and distributing food at different times of the day.

In this area, they provided support to doctors, nurses, and other public health professionals, as well as social workers to improve the quality of life of patients.

Others carried out investigations in neighborhoods and communities, to detect asymptomatic patients or with Covid-19 symptoms in time, while they carried out health promotion work and adequate habits to live in times of pandemic.

The sports and physical culture teachers in Güines assumed this work with a lot of love and discipline. Responsibility, altruism and courage characterized the work carried out in times threatened by this disease.

Edilsa Hernández García

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