Floods in Indonesia and Timor Leste.

Indonesia and Timor Leste: The authorities of Indonesia and East Timor respectively, and separately, announced that at least 113 people have lost their lives due to heavy rains, floods and mudslides caused since the weekend by extreme weather conditions , Telesur reports.

The communication director of the Indonesian Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Raditya Jati, corrected the death toll to 86 during a press conference.

The official explained that in a previous part, issued this Tuesday, the office had notified the existence of 128 victims, but there were errors when counting people who remain without locating as deceased.

Jati added that 72 people remain missing, 146 injured, thousands affected and some 8,000 displaced.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to bring assistance to the population of the affected regions, which are located mainly in the provinces of Flores Este, Alor, Lembata and Ende.

Some of them can only be accessed by sea, which becomes more complex due to strong winds and waves.

During this day, Indonesian President Joko Widodo led an emergency meeting by videoconference to examine the situation.

According to a summary of that meeting, published on the website of the Presidency, the president indicated to continue with the accounting of the deceased, the search and rescue of missing persons, and the opening of accesses to the damaged areas to bring food, water and other supplies.

He also asked the local meteorological agency to keep the population informed about the storm, which combines heavy rainfall corresponding to the rainy season (November-March) with the effects of tropical cyclone Seroja.

According to the Indonesian press, it is predicted that in the next four to five days that climatological organism will affect the country with moderate to intense rains, as well as strong winds and electrical activity.

Meanwhile, the President of East Timor, Francisco Guterres, described the floods as a great calamity and reported that work is still being done to quantify the damage.

At least 27 people have died in that small nation due to the storm, including 13 in Dili, the capital, which is partially flooded.

In the last hours, the Prime Minister, José María de Vasconcelos, visited areas affected by the natural disaster.

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