Brasil rebasa los 340 mil muertes por la Covid-19.

Brazil: Brazil exceeded the 340,000 deaths from Covid-19 on Wednesday, registering 3,829 deaths on the last day, being one of the deadliest days of the pandemic in the South American country, Radio Reloj reports.

The South American giant accumulates 340 thousand 776 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, which is in its worst phase in the country, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

Regarding the number of infections, the country recorded 92 thousand 625 new cases of coronavirus in the last day, totaling 13 million 193 thousand 205 infected since the outbreak began in March 2020.

Brazil marked its deadliest day of the pandemic on Tuesday, exceeding 4,000 deaths in 24 hours. The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) released an extraordinary bulletin that shows the lack of control of the pandemic and calls for harsh isolation measures to contain the advance of the coronavirus.

According to the foundation, last week Brazil averaged more than 3,000 deaths a day from Covid-19, evidence of a rise in the fatality rate from 3.3 to 4.2 percent.

Fiocruz has warned since the beginning of 2021 the imminence of a collapse of the hospital network throughout the country, which has indeed occurred.

 “Today, there is a lack of ICU beds in all regions of the country; people die without receiving the necessary medical attention”, the Fiocruz document states.

The Fiocruz bulletin calls for measures to be taken for 14 days to reduce pressure on the health system and reduce the high number of daily deaths.

Of the 27 units of the Federation, 19 have collapsed hospital systems. The calls of the institution and a large number of scientists have been ignored since the beginning of the pandemic by President Jair Bolsonaro.

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